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3 Awesome Valentine's Day Ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Perky People!

Without getting too mushy, here are 3 ways you can celebrate this special occasion in your workplace.

1. Distribute heart shaped pieces of paper amongst the team. Throughout the day, staff members can write words of appreciation and kindness on the hearts and hand it to their colleague or drop it on their desk. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued in the office and this is a great way of spreading positive vibes in the office!

2. Allocate office windows to teams and run a “Valentine’s Day Window Decorating Contest”. The loveliest window wins! Not only is this an engaging teambuilding exercise, it also makes your office look great from the outside too! If you are working remotely, consider a prize for the most creative virtual background or Valentine’s themed outfit!

3. Encourage team members to bring a plate to work of Valentine’s Day themed food items. Heart shaped cookies, muffins with pink frosting, chocolate dipped strawberries… the options are limitless. It’s a good excuse for a fun and informal get-together as well!

We love creating experiences that matter to people – from People Experience Design to Coaching & Assessments. Send us a message and let’s create happy workplaces together!

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