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3 INCLUSIVE & ENGAGING ways to celebrate Ramadan in your workplace

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of prayer, fasting, reflection and charity - observed by Muslims around globe. Here are 3 ways you can celebrate Ramadan in your workplace that promote inclusivity, recognizes diversity and engages the wider team.

Raise awareness respectfully - Implement an attractive annual calendar of significant holidays, festivals and observances and have this prominently displayed in the office. Employees who resonate with certain occasions can nominate themselves to share the significance and personal experiences with the team throughout the year. Knowing what special occasions are coming up allows employees to prepare activities and decorations in advance (you may like to have an allocated budget for this). Be mindful that not all Muslims may be fasting due to their own personal reasons.

Exercise flexibility - Fasting during the day can cause fluctuations in energy levels. Those who are fasting may benefit from varied break times or starting and finishing earlier in order to break their fast in a more suitable location. Being aware of prayer times will also facilitate in scheduling meetings (onsite and virtual) at more appropriate times. Check with the individual how you can best offer your support during this occasion.

Get everyone onboard - Fasting is just one component of Ramadan. Other components include self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate. Alternative ways employees can positively contribute include:

  1. Donate your morning coffee spend to charity - A small but rewarding act of kindness.

  2. Go without social media for a month and use this time for reflection and mindfulness instead - Who knows what you may learn about yourself!

  3. Hold a company sponsored Iftar (breaking of the fast). This could be at an external venue or a potluck in the office. A great way of bringing everyone together and promoting a sense of togetherness.

We love co-designing experiences that matter to people. Connect with us and let's create a happy workplace together!

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