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5 Recognition FAQs you need to know!

As more employees voice their workplace satisfaction using the feet (a.k.a The Great Resignation), it is more important than ever to give genuine and regular recognition to employees. It has been proven to increase employee loyalty, productivity, and engagement. It also serves the human need to feel appreciated for who we are and what we do, not just as an employee, but as a person. Here are 5 Q&As that will support you on your journey to better recognition practices within your workplace.

What should be recognized?

The most common form of recognition is often based on job performance and work-related achievements; however, professional and personal milestones should also form a part of your recognition practices. When this is done, employees are 30% more likely to say they will still be with their organization in 5 years.

Professional milestones can include:

  • Securing new business/clients

  • Project launches/completions

  • Work anniversaries

  • Promotions

  • Completion of professional training/upskilling/certifications

Personal milestones can include:

  • Weddings and engagements

  • Newborns

  • Birthdays

  • Completion of personal training/upskilling/certifications

  • Health-based achievements

How should recognition be given?

Recognition comes in many forms, from a simple thank you to gifts of appreciation and monetary rewards. Involving employees in creating a formal recognition program will assist you in laying the foundation of creating standard recognition practices, as well as understanding how employees like to be recognized individually.

Recognition practices can include:

  • Employee of the month ceremonies

  • Sponsored morning teas/lunches/dinners

  • Gift vouchers and monetary rewards

  • Certificates, trophies and plaques

  • Wall of fame

  • Professional development opportunities

  • A traditional and genuine "Thank you for......"

How often should recognition be given?

There is no golden number here, but recent research states that 21% of employees would like to receive recognition from their managers a few times a week or more, and 59% would like it a few times a month or more. A staggering 74% of employees who only received recognition from their manager a few times a year were planning on leaving their organization in 1 year. The key takeaway here is that employees and leaders should regularly prioritize providing genuine recognition to one another.

Who should provide recognition?

Fostering a culture of recognition takes a concerted effort from all employees including leaders, managers and employees. Only 24% of employees strongly agree that they get the right amount of weekly recognition from their managers and peers, demonstrating that credit should not only come from leaders. In addition, managers are often overlooked and undercelebrated. Leaders must ensure managers receive the recognition they deserve as well.

How can I afford to provide recognition to all employees in this climate?

Instead, the question is, what is the cost if you don't provide recognition? Suppose employees don't feel appreciated, valued and connected with their employer. In that case, they leave - leaving organizations with the associated costs of finding a replacement - not to mention the additional workload on existing employees in the interim when resources can already be stretched. It's a concern that 81% of leaders say that recognition is not a major strategic priority in their organization and 64% say there is no allocated recognition budget.

Don't let a budget restrict your recognition journey. Here are some affordable ideas to get you started. Better yet, get your employees involved! Let them know how much you've got to work with, and let the ideas flow!

  • Write personalized thank you cards

  • Create and award personalized certificates

  • Write LinkedIn recommendations

  • Feature the employee in company newsletters/intranet/wall of fame

  • Team activities such as sporting competitions, office trivia and scavenger hunts

  • Head home early for the day

Perky People has co-designed recognition programs for both small and large organizations.

If you would like more information and support in developing your own customized recognition program, send us a message at and let's create experiences that matter to people!

Data extracted from Gallup | Workhuman - UNLEASHING THE HUMAN ELEMENT AT WORK: Transforming Workplaces Through Recognition

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