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Leadership Post Pandemic

As workplaces evolved and adapted during the pandemic, employees looked to their leaders for support and stability as they navigated through the abrupt covid-19 challenges.

As we emerge into a post-pandemic landscape, what critical skills and elements made leaders successful and will continue to lead their teams into the dynamic future?

Firstly, we can see that organizations must not only promote leaders based on technical capabilities, but they must also have human skills that inclusively lead people through authenticity, integrity, and respect. Some organizations have already jumped on board in using value-based approaches in recruitment and development to foster employees' trust in their leaders - vital during times of change.

Question to answer: How are you developing the human skills of your current and future leaders?

Secondly, successful leaders must be good communicators. Open and frequent communication, transparency, and empathy are vital in providing reassurance and stability, allowing employees to have an accurate insight into the reality of the situation. Failing to do so can break trust and demoralize staff.

Question to answer: How are you developing your leaders to be effective and impactful communicators?

Lastly, leaders must foster a culture of psychological safety and collaboration. Providing opportunities for opinions and viewpoints to be heard encourages a sense of community and increases employee engagement. When the pandemic hit, leaders could not have foreseen nor prepared for the event's magnitude. Quite rightly, employees didn't expect that their leaders would have all of the answers or be able to handle the transition perfectly, but those that sought the input of their employees when it came to working well from home, adapting processes, and staying connected, were able to maintain collective unity and reciprocal support in, through and out of the pandemic.

Question to answer: What opportunities are your leader's creating now to foster a culture of psychological safety and collaboration?

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