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Random Acts of Kindness Day - 17 February 2023

You've probably heard the phrase, "It's the little things that count.

The 17th of February is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this with the annual "Random Acts of Kindness Day".

The event was created as an opportunity for people worldwide to share their acts of kindness with others in their community by taking part in various activities such as volunteering at a local soup kitchen or donating food or clothing to charities. These kinds of gestures may not seem like much on their own, but when combined together with other random acts of kindness around the globe, they really start making a difference!

An act of kindness can be something as simple as buying someone a coffee or giving up your seat on public transportation; it doesn't have to be anything major! What matters most is that you are kind and encouraging others to do so as well.

Kindness can take many forms, including acts of service, care and compassion.

Kindness is contagious. When you are kind to someone else it helps to spread the love around. You may find that your act of kindness inspires others to do something nice for someone else.

Kindness builds stronger relationships while encouraging others to do the same.

The most significant benefit of being kind is that it builds stronger relationships while encouraging others to do the same. This can be especially helpful in a world where we're constantly surrounded by technology and social media, which often make us feel disconnected from one another.

Celebrate kindness in your workplace

Here are some ideas that you can use in your workplace to mark the occasion and encourage throughout the year!

1. Encourage everyone to write a compliment on a post-it note and stick it on a colleagues desk

2. Hold a shared lunch were people can share home baked goodies with each other

3. Set up a designated area in the office for donations (food, clothing, toys etc.) and donate this to your charity of choice

4. Send a recognition email, specifying an act that contributed positively to yourself or the team

5. Write a genuine recommendation on a colleague's LinkedIn profile

6. Strike up a conversation with someone in the office that you normally don't interact with and check in on how they're doing

However you celebrate this occasion, you possess the power everyday to create a positive moment in someone else's life!

Drop us a message and let's talk about how we can co-design a happy workplace together!

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