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Time to unleash your Creativity & Innovation for a better tomorrow!

The 21st of April marks the occasion of "World Creativity and Innovation Day". It was initiated by Marci Segal, a creative expert in 2002 to encourage people to use their creativity and innovative ideas to make the world a better place to live. The occasion later became a United Nations International Day of Observance in 2017.

Here are 3 engaging ideas you can use to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration in your workplace.

Creativity Workshop (1hr)

Invite the team to a Creativity Workshop. Spend 10-15 mins brainstorming quick fixes that would improve the working environment. This could be anything such as improving efficiency, communication or even just getting the coffee machine to work! Use the template below or an online tool such as Mural to record ideas.

Teams will then spend the next 30 minutes posting their ideas and solutions on the template, thinking outside of the box, especially if there are any budget constraints. Participants can use post-it notes to write down their ideas and post them into the boxes.

The last 10-15 minutes is for the team to discuss the ideas and who will be accountable for making the changes. Encourage volunteers and thank the team for their input.

Share the completed template in the meeting minutes before leaders investigate, facilitate and implement any solutions that are possible.

Remember to update the team regularly on any positive changes made as a result of the workshop and give a personal thanks to those who personally implemented a solution.

Creativity Workshop Template
Download PDF • 34KB

Designing a happy workspace! (2 - 5 days)

With most workplaces operating a hybrid format between home and the office, consider holding an workplace design challenge where employees can redesign the office in a way that makes it a more inspirational, efficient and happy place to work in.

As the workplace is a shared space, we suggest this activity is conducted in small teams to encourage collaboration and to produce a more cohesive design. You might like to set some ground rules such as:

  • Must be within a budget of X amount

  • Retain and repurpose existing furniture

  • Create functional areas such as breakout rooms, quiet spaces and virtual calls

Set a deadline and have a small panel of judges to decide on the winning submission.

Announce the winner/s at the next team meeting or social gathering and celebrate them on your social media page #WCID. Depending on the winning design, there could be some movers on the way - we'll let you decide!

Better Together Lab

A lot has changed since the pandemic. Creativity and innovation are critical in the continuous evolution of organizations if they are to stay relevant and on top of their game.

Our last tip encourages a culture of creativity and innovation, practiced regularly within the workplace. We suggest the implementation of a "Better Together Lab" where employees are given an opportunity generate and voice creative and innovative ideas on a regular basis to combat workplace challenges and improve the lives of employees and customers.

This could be a segment in your weekly team meeting, a dedicated monthly workshop, or an online platform where employees can submit their ideas at any time, followed up by the leadership team for review and possible implementation.

Again, remember to update the team regularly on any positive changes made as a result of the their submissions and thank the team for being a part of the solution!

Creativity and Innovation are both mindsets and practices that require purposeful interventions to embed in the organization's culture.

If you need support in driving innovation in the workplace, get in touch with us and let's create experiences that matter to people!

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