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People wellbeing, employee engagement, workshops, mentoring



Employee wellbeing and engagement can often be an afterthought or be left to take care of outside of office hours. We believe that wellbeing and engagement are crucial elements within a happy and healthy workplace, and can be integrated seamlessly into the fabric of an employee's work life. Perky People looks at all dimensions of employee wellbeing & engagement, including financial, social, mental, physical, emotional and occupational. Employee wellbeing & engagement are not one-off activities or generic presentations, they need to be part of the organization's employee experience strategy. Our holistic approach includes purposeful workshops, one-on-one mentoring, 360-degree wellbeing & engagement activities, and short and long-term planning strategies.

We know how good it is to feel good, wherever you are!


A happy team of man and women showing a sign that says #nurturinghope
  • Design & development of employee wellbeing initiatives i.e. physical challenges, mental wellbeing initiatives, social activities...

  • Design & development of engagement activities

  • Setup & development of people communities

A group of women smiling with their arms raised up in the air
  • Employee wellbeing & engagement assessment

  • Employee wellbeing & engagement strategy development & implementation

  • Building people communities

Connect with us today, and let's design a happy workplace together.

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