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It's time to PERK up your team meetings!

It's time to perk up your team meetings! Why? Because statistics show that 67% of meetings fail and according to executives, 45% of meetings serve no purpose.

We've heard it all before. "This could have been an email", "I could have used that time for something more productive", or "I don't understand what the point of the meeting was..."- and there may be some truth behind that!

So let's raise the bar and create an experience that matters to people with our "5 Ways to Perk up your Next Team Meeting!".

Don't forget to scroll down to access our free meeting resources and recommended tools!

Meeting Resources

1. Perky Meeting Agenda template

Perky Meeting Agenda - Sample
Download PDF • 80KB

2. Running an engaging brainstorming session using the 1-2-4-ALL method

Running an engaging brainstorming session
Download PDF • 1.01MB

3. Tools for virtual & in person icebreakers, energizers and Q&A

We love creating experiences that matter to people. Contact us and let's design a happy workplace together!

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